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Welcome to the dominion of Mistress Patricia,

the London Dominatrix, Asian Goddess

I, Mistress Patricia, am a London based Dominatrix. I am well educated and kinky, beautiful and strict, cruel and fun. I am a true goddess from the Far East.


I was born and grew up in an East Asian island. I discovered I had an interest in domination since a young age, I also realized that I had a latex and rubber fetish when I was a teenager.

I am goal-oriented. After finishing my Master's degree, I worked for several leading global companies. I spent several years preparing to become a Dominatrix. And then in 2017, I decided to move to London. Here, I've to chosen to realize my femdom and fetish dream.


I have been learning from a range of very experienced London Mistresses since 2017, and starting to work myself as a semi-professional mistress. In the meantime, I have also succeeded in establishing myself as an internationally-known fetish model in the scene. In recent years I have travelled around Europe both as a dominatrix and a model.


Now I am both a lifestyle and professional mistress. My ultimate goal is to become the one of the most skilled and respected mistress in the world. I am building my empire, you will be my subject.

Now, apply to become my slave, my sub...

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